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  • Curtain wall budgeter


    Job responsibilities:


    1. Unit price and pricing method of common materials for curtain wall;


    2. Responsible for the budget in the bidding stage and external quotation;


    3. Cooperate with the business manager in the bid opening process to negotiate the bid;


    4. Responsible for the collection and distribution of all expenses after winning the bid;


    5. Responsible for cost accounting in the construction process.


    Job requirements:


    1. Familiar with the unit price and pricing method of common materials for curtain wall;


    2. Familiar with curtain wall specifications and common node practices;


    3. Able to undertake projects under 10 million yuan independently;


    4. 2-3 years working experience in curtain wall budget;


    5. Able to use CAD software and related software.

  • Vice President of curtain wall business


    Job description:

    1. Fully managed the operation of curtain wall project department, purchased construction labor and managed under the guidance of the company's bidding and bidding leading group.

    2. Responsible for organizing the preparation of curtain wall bidding technical bid.

    3. Responsible for the management of engineering contracts, drawing up relevant contracts, organizing review and execution of contracts, and urging the project department to collect project funds.

    4. Responsible for the control of the construction plan, quality, safety, progress and cost of the construction project department.

    5. Responsible for performance appraisal of the construction project department and its members.

    6. Responsible for managing the material purchase plan of the project department.

    7. Responsible for project acceptance.

    8. Responsible for engineering construction technical support to the construction project department.

    9. Responsible for proposing the personnel demand plan of the construction project department and assisting the human resource management department of the company to solve the problem.

    10. Responsible for checking the construction drawing, processing drawing and material sheet of curtain wall.

    Job requirements:

    Major in architecture or mechanical engineering, college degree or above, engineer or above, more than 10 years working experience.

    2. 8 years' practical experience in construction design, bidding and construction management of large and medium-sized curtain wall enterprises.

    3. Strong overall control ability for construction project management; served as the project manager of more than 3 curtain walls; have experience in construction planning, safety, quality, cost management and on-site relationship coordination with owners and supervisors.

    4. Have the technical ability to make drawings by computer; be familiar with CAD software or 3d drawings.

    5. Rich organizational and management skills, as well as communication and communication skills.

    6. Can arrange business trips according to the company.