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What is the evaluation standard of quality of ningbo granite stone material?

 The sort of stone of stone of granite of ningbo, basically be to press its color, the characteristic such as decorative pattern and place of origin, use the classification that does to facing stone material. Ningbo granite natural decorative stone material is processed by natural stone material, so its quality depends on the quality of waste materials on the one hand, on the other hand, it is also related to the processing process.

Stones of inferior quality are mainly shown in the following aspects:

(l) patterns and colors on the surface. As adornment USES stone material, what people basically values is the adornment effect of its surface after processing still. The high-quality stone material surface pattern color and luster some beautiful and generous, some elegant, some like moving clouds and flowing water, some like a lot of stars, shining....... Make the decorative surface have excellent decorative effect. And qualitative after the stone material is machined the surface decorative pattern colour and lustre is not beautiful, cannot give a person with the United States enjoys. So stone surface decorative pattern is the main index to evaluate stone quality. As mentioned above, the colored marble of yunnan Dali produces precisely because of its world rare decorative pattern color and become the best of the marble.

(2) the appearance quality of the processed plate (processing quality). The surface features of natural stone are shown after cutting, sawing, grinding, polishing and other processes. In the machining process will leave some in stone material surface appearance defects (such as marble plate appearance defects are: warp, crack, sand holes, depression, spots, stains, lack of edge Angle, etc, the appearance of the granite plate defects are: lack of edge, missing Angle, crack, color, color line, pit pit, etc.), if the appearance defect is beyond the scope of the standard provisions of the state, stone material is the nonconforming product. These poor quality of the appearance of the inferior plate surface decoration, the overall decorative effect will not be satisfactory. So when judging stone material quality, besides considering decorative pattern colour and lustre, still must examine its process quality.

(3) deviation of specification and size (machining size). Big adornment USES stone material to be processed board to use. Construction is carried out by means of tiling (for the ground) or collage (for the wall). In order to guarantee the flat decoration surface and neat joint, the national standard specifies the deviation of the length, width and thickness of the plate as well as the limit tolerance of the plate surface smoothness, front and side angles. The quality of the plate due to processing accuracy, resulting in its size deviation beyond the national standards. The surface of this kind of plate is not smooth and the joints are not even, especially for the facade decoration, the lines of the decorative surface are not neat, which affects the overall decoration effect. So the deviation of size and specification also affects the effect of stone material.

(4) theoretical and chemical performance indicators. For decorative stone, often decorated with its performance (i.e., the color of stone material surface pattern, glossiness and appearance quality, etc.) as a requirement for material selection, but the quality evaluation of stone when besides considering decorative performance, also should consider other quality indicators, such as compressive strength, flexural strength, durability, frost resistance, wear resistance, hardness, etc. These physical and chemical properties of good stone, in the use process can be very good to resist the influence of various external factors, to ensure the decorative effect of stone decorative surface and service life. On the contrary, the physical and chemical properties of stone materials are poor, and the durability of stone decorative surfaces cannot be guaranteed. In short, when evaluating the quality of stone material, the content should not be limited to a certain aspectAdornment performance, still should consider its use performance.